At Hope Welfare Trust securing access to basic education for all children is one of our primary objectives

One in ten children living in the developing world never have the chance to go to school. Education is at the heart of development and key to eleviating children out of poverty, improving health, nutrition, income and afford opportunities for all children. Hope Welfare Trusts education program supports over 350 children in 50 schools across South East Asia.


We have three key focus areas in our education support programs:

  • Improving the quality of education with teacher support and school child support
  • Providing and improving safe and encouraging learning environments.
  • Improving access to education for children in South Asia

250 Million Children Lack Basic Reading, Writing & Math Skills. 

Education is the most powerful medium that can change the world. Education helps alleviate poverty, empowers women and helps prevent disease.
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Education Key Facts

We Support over 50 Schools

350 Children supported in education

Offering Free Text Books & Uniform

Our Education Solutions


Through our programs in Kashmir and Pakistan we’re making a difference when it comes to supporting children in education

Building Schools

Free Books & Uniform

Teacher Support