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Hope Welfare Trust

Empowering the vulnerable and lessening their struggles, through long-term support

We work in the UK and Pakistan, focussing on a small number of projects to ensure quality delivery and a solid base for growth. We work to support the most vulnerable, often forgotten by many, in the depths of rural villages and towns.

Key Achievements


  • The building of a dwelling can take from 2 to 4 months
  • Built over 75 homes
  • In 5 years, 490 people have benefited from our housing project.


  • Helped over 260 women give birth safely
  • Over 300 families have been provided medical exemption cards
  • Our hospital is officially recognised as one of the best health care facilities in Azad Kashmir.


  • We have built 5 free schools in some of the most rural parts of Pakistan
  • Over 400 children now have access to free education 
  • Over 40 students have been admitted into higher education scholarship programmes, in Azad Kashmir.

We’re always hard at work, bringing to life the pledges we make. Whether it’s building a home for a family or placing a child into education, we are building for a better future.

Join our family as a volunteer and take part in a range of activities and events to help us raise the funds to keep our projects going. From challenges, events, marketing roles or deployments, we have something for everyone to contribute.

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