If you’re hoping to fundraise for a cause you’re passionate about, check out our fundraising ideas, with all our hints and tips

Hints & Tips

Make It Personal: Address the people you’re sending messages to, by name. Also, use the captions we send, but amend them to your tone and language.

Time It Right: After 6pm is a good time to send your link as people are more relaxed and more likely to be receptive to your message.

Gift Aid It: Gift Aid is when the Government gives an additional 25% on top of any donation made, as long as the donor is a taxpayer. You just have to ensure the donor ticks the box.

Note It Down: Keep a note of the names and phone numbers of people who have said they will donate. That way you can gently remind them if needs be. As people get busy, they can sometimes forget.

Video It: Make a short 30-second clip to go with your link! By speaking about the cause and what you are doing, people will feel more connected to your link, rather than just seeing it as another donation link. 

Make Noise: Utilise the power of social media. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and even LinkedIn are powerful platforms to spread the message. Put your link in your bio or your summary and utilise every platforms’ features to raise awareness.

Engage With Us: Let us know what you’re thinking and planning so that we can offer as much help as possible. You may require resources or tools, like t-shirts or buckets, which we are happy to provide!

Fundraising Ideas

Bake Sales: Either bake delicious goodies yourself or if you don’t feel as confident, partner up with a baker, so you can sell and they can bake. #teamwork

Charity Car Wash: Most of us have a car which hasn’t been washed for a while! Reach out to your local car wash, with a small team, and simply ask if they would be happy to let you take over their car wash for one day, with all proceeds going to charity.

Donate A Day: Reach out to takeaways, barbershops, dessert parlours, etc. and simply ask for them to donate a day’s profit. In exchange, promote their amazing business to all of your friends, family and beyond!

Challenge Yourself: For example, aim to complete the Qur’an over a number of hours, walk a number of miles, etc.

Do You Dare?: Get your friends and family to make you do something you would never normally do (halal, of course!) If you love your hair, be dared to chop it all off or dye it! If you hate pickled onions, be dared to finish a whole jar. It’s simple – charge people to dare you with the craziest dares they can think of!

Sell A Skill: Tap into your creative spark, turn it into a course and charge people for attending at a discounted rate. Whether it is a cooking lesson, fitness classes, a baking workshop, a tuition evening, or even a henna or calligraphy session, there are lots of things that people would love to learn from you! 

Mosque Tour: Create a route to tour all the mosques, in your city or town. Gather your friends/family, think of a theme, grab some collection buckets and charity t-shirts then enjoy talking to the local worshippers about what you’re doing and why! You’ll be surprised by the barakah of raising this way.

Sports Tournaments: Charge a small registration fee of £35-£50 for teams to compete in an organised sporting event. You could request a small donation from spectators too! And, why not have a snack stall to maximise funds?