Our Work

We’ve been working in the most remote areas of Pakistan, supporting those struggling to meet the most basic of needs, growing our impact year-on-year.

We built a modern 25-bed hospital that provides around-the-clock primary care and antenatal services, supporting local communities to receive the life-saving support they need.

300 families have been provided exemption cards for free medicine, consultations and tests, allowing them to access healthcare without having to worry about the bills.

We built 5 free schools, for students of all ages, giving those in the most rural parts of Pakistan with the best start in life.

We provided 20 students with scholarships to study to their full potential.

We built 30 electrical water bores, saving villagers from long, treacherous walks to receive the most basic amenity of clean water.

We built over 75 homes for orphaned, widowed, disabled and financially disadvantaged people, providing them with the safety and security they need.

In 2023, we want to do even more! Find out more about how you can help