Kashmir is a region of the world, where several factors, such as conflict, floods and general political instability, have had a huge impact on the living conditions of the Kashmiri population and the development of the area. This has left an estimated 3.9 million people without adequate and appropriate homes, and many more without basic appropriate sanitation (6.4 million people).
Housing is a pivotal need to address, ensuring that a household maintains itself outside a condition of multidimensional poverty, but unfortunately, it is one of the most difficult dimensions of poverty to fulfil.
In Kashmir, even the simplest home repairs and additions can cost a family years of saving and sacrifices, but they can also quickly get destroyed. The whole territory of Kashmir is subject to violent floods, earthquakes and wildfires that can easily destroy whole villages and portions of more urbanised areas. The risk for destruction is even higher in rural areas, where the lack of expertise and difficulties connected with sourcing appropriate building materials render shelters even more susceptible.
That’s why we provide housing support for families from poorer backgrounds, ensuring that issues, such as overcrowding and poor living conditions, are addressed and improved. HWT work with these families to ensure they have adequate living arrangements.

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