Healthcare response is one of the most pressing needs of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. Access to healthcare is very difficult due to endemic poverty, scarcity of health services, lack of personnel and facilities, and repeated subjection to floods and earthquakes. This not only makes it difficult for bottom-up and local initiatives to last and become a point of reference for smaller communities, but it also means there is a need for constant maintenance and modernization of bigger structures.
People from lower social levels in general, with women in particular, struggle to see their needs met. This is reflected by the rates of post-partum and neonatal mortality in the country, which are still dangerously high.
Moreover, doctors and other health professionals are primarily located within urban areas, making it difficult to run clinics in rural areas due to a lack of personnel.


We hope to address this through the Hope Welfare Trust Hospital, where mothers are able to give birth safely, life-saving operations can be performed, vital medication can be administered and patients can receive dental care.
That’s why the hospital has been built for the purpose of reducing preventable deaths and complications, which occur frequently due to the lack of maternity facilities in rural areas of Kashmir. To ensure even more lives are saved, we have built an operating theatre within the hospital, costing £100,000, and an ambulance service to support the community.


Seeing a doctor or nurse is just one part of a treatment. But staying well often requires medicine, which can sometimes be for life. How can someone, with next to nothing, afford often expensive medicine?
This is how the dispensing pharmacy, inside the Hope Welfare Trust Hospital, helps to further improve the lives of many struggling families, by giving them free prescriptions, saving lives and strengthening them for the future.

Dental Clinic

With many families struggling for the most basic of necessities, medical treatments, including dental treatments, seem like a luxury, which they simply can’t afford. This can lead to many dental issues being untreated, causing thousands of people to have to struggle with excruciating pain daily.
However, with their free medical treatment card, families can get essential dental checks and treatment they need each year.
Hope Welfare Trust has therefore built a modern dentist clinic to support people in the surrounding areas. But we need your support to keep it going.

Dialysis Centre

Our new Dialysis Unit, in our Hope Welfare Trust hospital, opened on 12th August 2022. The unit uses modern equipment to support those struggling. Dialysis allows those affected to live safely, without the fear of life-threatening conditions. That’s why we need your support to keep our dialysis unit functioning.