According to a new survey by the National Statistical Office (NSO), male literacy rate in Jammu and Kashmir is 85.70%, which is much higher than the female literacy rate of 68%. The survey reveals that in rural areas, the female literacy rate is lower than urban areas. The urban female literacy rate is 75.70% and literacy rate of women in rural areas is 66%. (Deccan Herald)

With over 1.7 million people (12.58% of the total Jammu & Kashmir population) living in poverty, this leaves them with no money to spend on their children’s education, often having to send their children to work, just to buy the most basic of necessities.

That’s why Hope Welfare Trust is working to support children, who are orphaned or from low economical backgrounds, with their education needs. We provide them with stationary, books and uniforms throughout their school years, until completion of secondary school. This allows families to provide their children with the best start to life, without any extra costs, whilst giving the whole family a route out of poverty.

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You can provide a year’s education to a child currently struggling, opening up their lives to many more opportunities.