Projects We Support

Our mission is to alleviate poverty and empower children by providing  support services across the world. We are dedicated to addressing the root causes of poverty and empowering communities through education and health initiatives across the world by serving the vulnerable and destitute.

Education Support

HWT works to support children who are orphaned or from low economical backgrounds with their education needs, providing stationary, books and uniform throughout their school years, until completion of secondary school. The cost of sponsoring a child annually is £150.
Housing for the poor

Housing Projects

We provide housing support for families from poorer backgrounds, ensuring that issues such as overcrowding and poor living conditions are addressed and improved. HWT work with these families to ensure they have adequate living arrangements.
Islamic Charity supoorting UK Homeless

Feed the Homeless UK

Support our Homeless friends in the United Kingdom. You can donate to an outreach as an individual or sponsor them directly from your business. We also assist with projects such as aiding local food banks and providing support to vulnerable individuals
Water and Sanitation Charity

Water Projects

We help in providing access to clean, safe and reliable water and sanitation solutions across the world, one village at a time.The average cost for our water projects is approximaely £400 depening on the  location and the depth of the water source.
Hope Welfare Trust

Maternity & Childrens Hospital

The Hope Welfare Trust (HWT) Maternity Hospital has been built for the purpose of reducing preventable deaths and complications which occur frequently due to the lack to maternity facilities in rural areas of Kashmir.
Hope Welfare Tuest kashmir

Other Projects

HWT also supports numerous projects around the world, such as helping poorer families towards the cost of basic marriage and also fund raising and awareness of feeding the homeless in the UK.