Mount Snowdon Challenge

Challenge yourself by tackling a 1085m climb up Mount Snowdon whilst helping to raise vital funds, supporting our sisters during their most vulnerable moments; childbirth.

See this challenge as a way of helping yourself, through the blessing of sadaqah jaariyah, forming new friendships with like-minded people,
betterment of own mental health by experiencing mountainous regions and simply inspiring others to do the same, all through the intention of wanting to support those in hardship, Alhamdulillah.

Help us maintain our maternity hospital in Azad Kashmir, helping our sisters give birth safely Azad Kashmir.
Imagine having to give birth in your home with no medical support and nothing to help give your newborn the best start in life.That is the reality for 100s of women in Azad  Kashmir, leaving them vulnerable to complications, issues and sometimes even death.
However, it doesn’t have to be like this.
Hope Welfare Trust has opened a maternity hospital, which has already helped over 60 women give birth safely with over 95% not needing to pay any fees, due to their difficult situations.

By introducing a Zakat Card for orphans, widows and poor families, which is valid for 2 years, cardholders become entitled to free tests, x-rays, medication and other facilities available at the hospital.
The hospital is operational 24 hours per day 365 days per year, with the majority of the hospital equipment having been sent from the UK. In addition, they also have had a number of dental camps and eye camps at the hospital, free of cost to all patients.
So in short, I’m asking for your help to maintain the maternity hospital so we can keep helping expecting mothers have safe pregnancies and births.
Will you be the reason why a child comes into the world healthy and safely this year?


Event Registration

Date And Time

2202-09-17 @ 12:00 AM to
2202-09-28 @ 11:30 PM

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Wales , Snowdonia

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Sponsored Trek /Climb

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Mount Snowdon Challenge


£45(Includes Transport, Mountain Guides,  Refreshments, Dinner & TShirt)