At Hope Welfare Trust we have built over 20 houses for poor families who are struggling with poverty or potential homesness

Many families are living in over crowded and dangerous conditions due to not being able to afford homes for themselves. With this in mind we help communities build sustainable homes in Azad Kashmir. We support families to end the cycle of poverty and focus on education and employment while having  a safe and clean place to live.


Our key focus areas in housing support includes:

  • Improving the quality of life for families in overcrowded living conditions
  • Alleviate long-term poverty through affordable social housing
  • Set a foundation for families to focus on life skills and employment.
  • Improving the educational prospects of children

We building homes for poor families struggling with poverty or potential homelessness. 

100% of your donation goes straight towards helping families out of poverty through the assistance and full construction of sustainable housing in Azad Kashmir.
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Why help us build housing?

1.6 billion people live without adequate shelter, in unsafe slums. These people live in constant fear of forced eviction and natural disasters.

Access to safe, decent housing is the foundation to achieving essential human rights, such as education, property, food and privacy.

Our mission is to alleviate long-term poverty and build a safe environment where families and communities can thrive.

Our Housing Solutions


Through our programs in Kashmir and Pakistan we’re making a difference when it comes to supporting children in education

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